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Essential AC Tips for Summer Savings in San Antonio

Man waving piece of paper in front of his face, looking unhappy from the heat.

Have you noticed the temperature outside becoming uncomfortable for you and your family? While summer brings plenty of sunshine for outdoor fun, it can also bring higher temperatures. Turning on the air conditioner is the easiest way to cool down, but if you’ve been living in the San Antonio area long enough, you know that excess AC usage in the summer can easily break the bank.

So what alternatives do you have? There are plenty of ways you can leverage your home to regulate temperature and stay comfortable. Read on to learn more about these essential tips for summer comfort, and start implementing them in your home today.

Stay Cool With These San Antonio-Specific Tips

You Need Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fan in a living area of a home.We know how important it is for you and your family to relax and enjoy the summer without having to worry about an expensive electric bill. The solution? Ceiling fans.

Ceilings fans are a much cheaper product to use in your household, and they require little energy compared to an air conditioner.

Reports done by air conditioning installation companies claim ACs are responsible for more than 50% of energy costs during summer, resulting in a higher electric bill. Even if you don’t have a ceiling fan, purchasing one and using it is still less costly than running your air conditioner in the long run.

Not only are ceiling fans beneficial financially, but they can also be used to decorate your home. There are many different types of fans to fit your style, unlike an AC, which is often out of sight. So give it a go, flip that switch, and start enjoying a more comfortable home today.

Drinking Cold Water Is Key

Hands holding a glass of ice water on a wooden table.Ever wonder why it’s human nature to drink water after a good workout? Or why we get really thirsty when we’re outside in the sun and heat? It’s all about the makeup of your body.

Your body produces sweat as a response to being overheated, which helps cool your body. In order for sweat to occur, you need to be hydrated, and in order to be hydrated, you need to drink water.

Your body cools down by drinking water. So when you’re feeling sweltering in your own home, take a moment and cool down with a glass of water first. This will help replenish much-needed fluids and help you put off using your air conditioner.

Create Shade With Your Blinds

Woman closing vertical window blinds to block the sun.It’s common sense that being out in the sun will cause your body temperature to rise, making you feel hot. When this happens, we find a nearby tree and hideout in the shade until we cool down.

So why not do this with our own homes? How do we protect our homes from the heat and sunlight? Blinds and curtains. They’re not just for privacy and decoration; they’ve been proven to cool down your home by effectively blocking the sun’s heat.

When it’s time to choose between paying to run your AC or closing the blinds for free, closing the blinds is ideal. When the sun is strongest, try pulling down the shades throughout your home. You should see a decline in the temperature, or at least your home won’t overheat.

Summer is a great time of year, and by keeping the above tips in mind, it doesn’t have to increase your costs either. Share these tips with your friends and family.

At Comfort-Air Engineering, we want to help people who struggle or worry about their electrical bill in the summer. Schedule a service with us today.

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