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Power Outage Solutions: Finding Peace of Mind with Automatic Generac Home Backup Generators

If you’ve experienced the frustration of recurring power outages, you know how disruptive they can be. Whether it’s the unexpected loss of electricity during a storm or a planned outage for maintenance, losing power can create chaos in our lives. An automatic backup generator might be the perfect solution to keep your home running smoothly.

Understanding Automatic Backup Generators

Unlike portable generators, automatic backup generators provide a seamless transition of power when an outage occurs. Located outside your home, these systems operate on natural gas or liquid propane gas, kicking in within seconds of an outage and automatically shutting off when power is restored. Generac, a renowned manufacturer, is one leading provider of these systems.

Sizing the Right Generator

Choosing the correct size generator for your home is crucial. It involves understanding your energy needs and possibly scheduling a free in-home assessment with a professional. From critical essentials like refrigeration and lighting to entire house coverage, you’ll want a generator that can handle your specific requirements. We offer free in-home assessment, or you can use this calculator.

Maintenance Considerations

Proper maintenance is key to ensuring your generator’s longevity. Regular oil and filter changes, along with other routine checks, are vital. We offer maintenance contracts, making the process hassle-free. Learn more about maintenance of your Generac backup generator.

Safety and Overload Protection

Automatic backup generators are equipped with safety measures to prevent overloading. If an overload occurs, a built-in circuit breaker will trip, allowing you to correct the situation and reset the system.

Weather Resistance and Fuel Options

High-quality generators often come with aluminum enclosures, making them resistant to rust and corrosion. This feature is particularly beneficial in humid conditions or near saltwater. Furthermore, Generac home backup generators can be configured to run on either liquid propane or natural gas, depending on your needs.

Installation Costs

Keep in mind that the purchase price of a generator typically does not include installation. Costs will vary based on your specific situation, so obtaining an in-home assessment is the best way to receive an accurate quote. Our price will include a generator + installation.

About Generac

Since 1959, Generac has been leading the industry in backup power generators for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. They are the world’s largest provider of residential backup generators, with a broad product line available through authorized dealers like us.

Types of Generators

  • Automatic Backup Generators: These generators operate whether you are home or away and automatically supply power to your home’s electrical circuit breaker box within seconds of an outage.
  • Air-Cooled vs. Liquid-Cooled Generators: Air-cooled generators use fans for cooling, while liquid-cooled generators use enclosed radiator systems.
  • Fuel Options: Generators can be configured to run on natural gas (NG) or liquid propane (LP) at the time of installation.
Remote Fleet Monitoring with Generac Fleet:

We Watch Over Your System, So You Don’t Have To! We monitor your generator’s performance from anywhere. Minimize downtime and prevent costly disruptions with our real-time technology. Remote monitoring is currently only available with Generac Standby Generators.

Your Local Factory-Authorized Generac Dealer: Comfort-Air Engineering and Primo Plumbing, Inc.

Why Choose a Generac Generator?

It’s about more than power; it’s about peace of mind. Save time and money with a backup generator ready when you need it most.

Here’s How it Works:
  1. Utility Power Is Lost: Storm? Grid failure? No problem.
  2. Your System Detects the Problem: Within seconds, your generator is ready.
  3. Your Generator Turns On: Home or away, you’re covered.
  4. Your Power Is Restored: Stay warm and connected until the utility power returns.

Investing in an automatic backup generator provides peace of mind for homeowners plagued by recurring power outages. With options to fit various needs and budgets, these systems offer a reliable solution to keep your home powered and your life on track. By understanding your needs, choosing the right size, and maintaining your investment, you can ensure a seamless transition during those unexpected power interruptions.

From the local community of San Antonio, we’re here to help you find the perfect generator solution for your home.

Recent Generac Customer’s Experience:

“We recently had a Generac automatic backup generator installed by Comfort-Air Engineering & Primo Plumbing, and it’s been a game-changer for our home. The entire process was smooth, thanks to their knowledgeable team. When a storm knocked out power in our area, this past June, the Generac system kicked in immediately, and we hardly noticed the outage.

Choosing Comfort Air & Primo Plumbing for our Generac installation was the best decision we made. Their professional service, attention to detail, and quality products have provided us with true peace of mind. No more worrying about power outages – thanks to Generac and the exceptional team at Comfort Air & Primo guys!”

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