Backflow Testing & Certification in San Antonio

High-Quality Backflow Testing & Certification in San Antonio

Protecting your home from the dangers of backflow is as easy as installing and maintaining a prevention device. Backflow preventers should regularly be inspected and certified by expert plumbers, which is where Primo Plumbing, Inc. can help.

With years of experience working in the San Antonio area, we understand the requirements and proper specifications for backflow systems in the area.

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What Is Backflow?

Backflow is a condition where water flows from your sewage system in reverse, which causes unsanitary water to pump into your home instead of out. If left unchecked, this backflow can damage your plumbing and contaminate your drinking water, posing serious health risks.

While backflow is not common, it can occur at any time. Some of the more common causes for backflow include:

  • Major changes in water pressure: Your city likely manages the water that runs into your home. Thus, significant changes in water pressure, like those caused by a water main breaking, can cause backflow.
  • Changes in piping elevations: The pipes that supply water to your home are placed in specific areas to avoid elevation changes. If, however, they’re hit during excavation, that elevation can change and eventually cause backflow into the house.

Installing a backflow prevention device in your home can protect you and your family from unforeseen circumstances.

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How Can You Prevent Backflow?

Backflow prevention is most easily accomplished by installing a backflow preventer on your home’s plumbing system. These systems measure the pressure in your plumbing system during regular operation. If the pressure drops or reverses, these preventers close, keeping the water flow away from your home.

There are several styles of backflow prevention devices that can be installed in various parts of the home. Working with a professional plumber can ensure that your home is always protected.

We Provide Backflow Testing & Certification

Backflow poses severe risks for your home, so it’s important to regularly test your backflow prevention devices. Testing a backflow preventer is called certification. In some cities, these regular certifications are required, and paperwork must be submitted to ensure compliance.

In addition to compliance with the city, testing your backflow preventer yearly can offer you the peace of mind that comes with protecting your home. It also offers an opportunity to make minor repairs before major issues arise. Contact Primo Plumbing, Inc. for your backflow testing needs today.

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When you entrust your plumbing needs to our team, you’ll appreciate the experience and expertise we’ve gathered over the past 50 years of serving the region’s residential and commercial clients. Our certified, licensed, and insured plumbing professionals are highly trained experts with the skills, knowledge, and expertise to properly service, repair, and replace modern residential and commercial plumbing systems in Texas.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How long does it take to test a backflow prevention system?

It doesn’t take long. In most cases, it takes 2030 minutes to complete the test and determine whether the backflow prevention system is working correctly.

What are some signs that my backflow prevention system is failing?

Common signs that the backflow prevention system is failing include noxious odors, visible contaminants, discoloration, or a change in taste. Because these signs can also indicate other problems, it’s crucial to schedule an inspection to determine the cause.

How is a backflow preventer tested?

We open and close the valves on the backflow prevention unit to confirm the valves are functioning properly. We’ll inspect for leaks, properly working gauges, and other signs that indicate proper operation. We’ll then compile a report for you to review that details the condition of your system and whether any repairs are required.

Is backflow prevention testing required in Texas?

The law stipulates that every homeowner and business must test their backflow prevention systems yearly. However, most homeowners and many businesses fail to do this because they’re unaware of the requirement. 

What can cause water pressure to drop suddenly?

Many things can cause water pressure to drop without warning. These include broken pipes, frozen pipes, an unanticipated increase in water demand, nearby fire response, construction works, and more. Because it’s impossible to anticipate or account for all the causes, a backflow preventer is essential to every plumbing system.

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