Local Commercial Sewer Services in San Antonio, TX

Keeping your San Antonio business clean and safe from water damage, backflow, and clogs means having someone you can trust to keep your sewer line in good condition.

Businesses have entrusted these issues to Comfort-Air Engineering and Primo Plumbing, Inc. for over 50 years, relying on the team at our family-owned and -operated company to deliver outstanding results, no matter the job. 

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The Benefits of Commercial Sewer Maintenance

Regular maintenance can save your business a lot of pain and disruption, especially when discussing something as primed for causing trouble as your sewer system. You’ll enjoy:

  • Peace of mind from reduced risk of backflow and leaks
  • Reduced frequency of clogs requiring service
  • Longer life span for your drains and sewer line by minimizing damage
  • Cleaner sinks with less effort due to effective, fast drainage

Engineering Your Comfort for Life

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Our Commercial Sewer Services

At Comfort-Air Engineering and Primo Plumbing, Inc., we provide San Antonio businesses with a full selection of sewer services. Contact our team for all your sewer needs, including:

  • Commercial sewer repair: We’ll get your drains back to normal in no time through a combination of solutions for minimal disruption. 
  • Commercial sewer maintenance: Regular cleaning of your drains and sewer can save you a lot of pain over time and help you avoid full replacement and secondary issues. 
  • Commercial sewer replacement & installation: When you need a sewer line installed, you can count on the Primo Plumbing, Inc. team to handle the project with as little disruption as possible. 

Schedule commercial sewer services in San Antonio by calling (210) 494-1692.

Why Choose Us?

With Comfort-Air Engineering and Primo Plumbing, Inc. handling your commercial sewer service needs, you can trust your lines and be free of issues such as clogs, sluggish drains, backflow, leaks, and other headaches that can stem from poorly maintained or mishandled sewer lines.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction and strive to leave no mess behind on every site. 

If you’re ready to schedule commercial sewer services or have any questions, contact Primo Plumbing, Inc. at (210) 494-1692


How can I keep my sewer line in good condition?

Routine maintenance is an essential part of keeping any system from succumbing to wear and tear, but you can also avoid many problems by being mindful of what goes down your drains.

Avoid inorganic items, sticky or greasy materials, or materials that can expand, reduce to sticky goo, or serve as a fibrous backbone for a clog.

What causes drain backflow?

A clog further through the system can cause a drain to back up into another drain, as can leaks in your sewer line, allowing water to push into your plumbing from the ground.

Both can be catastrophic for your plumbing and lead to severe damage to your drains and property, so they should be resolved as soon as you notice them.

Will you need to dig my lawn up for sewer line repairs?

It depends on the nature of your sewer line problems and other factors. Our team aims to handle repairs and replacements without the need for trenches, but when appropriate, we’re equipped to do so quickly and efficiently to fully resolve the problem.

protection plans

  • planned maintenance
  • bi-annual or quarterly inspections
  • 10% discount on repairs


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Over 50 Years Of Five Star Service

Excellent customer service!

I was so pleased with the excellent customer service provided by Luis, Eric, Camillo and Mark. Also, your Customer Service Accounts Payable was so sincere and efficient. I would and will always recommend Comfort Air to anyone.

Suzy H.

Very dependable!

I've been a customer of Comfort-Air Engineering Inc for about ten years. I like them because they are very dependable. When I call them, they come out. A few years ago, they installed a new heating and air conditioning system for…

Robert H.

Real professional job!

Replacing faucets throughout house was no problem for these pros, even though there were a variety of fittings they had to deal with. Showed up on time and worked efficiently. Real professional job at a reasonable price.

Bob K.

We wouldn't trust any other!

We have always appreciated your family owned and operated business. We have been with your company for approximately 20 years and wouldn’t trust any other.

Gwen R.

On time, professional and courteous!

Comfort-Air Engineering Inc. recently installed a generator for us and they also did some plumbing work. This was our first experience with the company. They were on time, professional and courteous. Moreover, they did exactly what we asked them to do…

David A.