Water Heater Replacement in San Antonio, TX

Without hot water in your home, you can’t take warm showers or baths, cook, or do laundry. Comfort-Air Engineering and Primo Plumbing, Inc. wants to make sure this never happens to our customers.  

At Primo Plumbing, Inc., we confidently provide the widest range of water heater services, including water heater replacements, installations, inspections, and maintenance. Our family-owned business has helped folks for over 50 years with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Count on us and never be without hot water. 

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Water Heater Installation

When your home or building needs a new water heater, we’ll install it with the fast and professional service you deserve. Feel free to ask any questions along the way, and we’ll provide all the answers and details. Primo Plumbing, Inc. also enjoys guiding you through the process so you can make the best decisions for your needs. 

The process requires:

  • Water heater basics: We’ll happily discuss everything you need to know about water heaters. We’ll also help you understand energy-efficiency ratings to save you the most money.
  • Choosing your water heater size: You’ll need a perfect size that meets your lifestyle, home, or building requirements. 
  • Choosing your water heater style: The two main options are storage tank water heaters and tankless water heaters. Based on your needs, we’ll guide you to choose the best option for you.
  • Deciding fuel type: Our experts will help you decide between natural gas, electricity, propane, geothermal, or solar energy.
  • Smooth removal & installation: Your old water heater system will be carefully removed and disposed of. Afterward, your new water heater will be expertly installed and ready to operate.

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Water Heater Replacement

Even if your water heater is still working, it may be time to replace it before it goes bad. We can repair your water heater if it still has life left in it, but you should consult us before it’s too late. The sooner you do, the better your chance of preventing a water heater disaster.

Here are some signs to look for:

  • Life span: Water heaters have a service life expectancy, so you need to double-check the date that you first started using yours. The closer your water heater is to reaching its lifetime limit, the sooner you should contact a professional to replace it.
  • Water quality: Your water might not be reaching hotter temperatures easily, or the color of your tap water might start changing color.
  • Leaks: If any leaks are starting to show around your water heater, you need to have a professional fix this issue ASAP.

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Why Hire a Pro?

Only trained professionals can install or replace your water heater with the safest and most efficient procedure since it’s hazardous and time-consuming. This is not a DIY project you should take on without professional help. If you make any mistakes, the consequences could be dangerous and more expensive.

Here are some maintenance tips to help keep your water heater in great working condition:

  1. Perform a basic inspection of your water heater: Look for signs of damage and listen for any gurgling noises or loud tapping sounds. If you notice things out of the ordinary, call a professional technician for further inspection.
  2. Insulate your water heater’s piping: Purchase three-eighths-inch-thick foam pipe insulation from your local hardware store. Measure the diameter of your water heater’s pipes so you can match the foam accordingly. Carefully wrap your water heater’s piping.
  3. Insulate your entire water heater: Protect your water heater with an insulating blanket. We recommend R-4.5 foil-covered bubble wrap. You’ll need to cut openings to allow the pipes, valves, and temperature control unit to stick out of the insulation for easy access.

Although these tips are a good starting point to keep your water heater functioning, nothing compares to a professional’s expertise. Only a trained technician with years of experience can ensure your water heater is kept up to the highest standards.

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