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How to Properly Respond to Unexpected Winter Weather


Emergency Plumbers in Timberwood Park, TX Share How to Handle Winter Plumbing Damage.

Responding to the Damage of Frozen Pipes in Winter

The extreme weather of winter can be very stressful for homeowners. Surprise winter storms are a cause of numerous home problems, not the least of which is frozen pipes. When pipes freeze, bigger problems may not be far away. Taking care of frozen pipes correctly isn’t something everyone knows how to do, especially in areas where winter storms occur infrequently. But, there are ways to fix, and even prevent, frozen pipes to protect the home from winter’s wrath. 

DIY Pipe Thawing Techniques

There is nothing worse than waking up to a frozen pipe after a night of frigid temperatures. Pipes tend to freeze as a result of surprise cold snaps that give homeowners little time to protect against them. Signs of a frozen pipe are simple to look for: pipes with frosted exteriors and faucets trickling water or not running at all are the heralds of frozen pipework. 

So what can homeowners do themselves when pipes are frozen? While a plumber may be needed in the long run to assess if any bursts or leaks are evident in the home, homeowners can take steps to get the water flowing through the frozen pipe again. 

Everyday household items and techniques can be applied to frozen pipes:

  • Hot Towels can be laid on the frosted areas of the pipe to promote melting.
  • Portable Heaters and hair dryers can be used to apply directed heat to the pipe itself. 
  • Thermostats can be turned up to heat the whole home, helping to melt the frozen pipe. 

When these at-home techniques fail, then a plumber definitely needs to be called for emergency service, as a pipe may have burst in the home. Never try to speed up thawing with an open flame or blow torch, and never pour acidic or abrasive materials down the drain to try and aid pipe thawing. 

Steps to Resolve a Burst Pipe Emergency 


Frozen pipes take a turn for the worse when pressure builds up in the pipework from the frozen blockage. When the pressure becomes too much, pipes will crack and burst, often leading to flooding and property damage in the home. 

Homeowners will have to work with a plumbing professional to rectify a burst pipe situation. Homeowners should follow these steps when a burst pipe has been suspected or identified in the home:

  • Shut off the water supply: Locate the water main to the home and turn it off. This prevents any more water from leaking into the house. 
  • Call a plumber: Do not try and fix a burst pipe without expert assistance. Hazardous waste and materials frequently appear in a pipe repair, and homeowners are generally not prepared to handle that.
  • Clean and clear the area: If the pipe is leaking into a specific room, remove all belongings possible.

When the plumber arrives, homeowners can expect them to survey the damage and begin the repair process. Soldering pipes or even pipe replacement are the least homeowners should expect to have done during the repair. 

How To Prevent Frozen Pipes in the Future

Burst pipes are expensive to repair; there’s no way around that. Burst pipes can happen at any moment and are often surprise emergencies that require a plumber to take emergency action. Between materials and time, the project can cost several hundred dollars easily, if not more, and can be a headache for a home’s occupants to go through. 

So, it is in every homeowner’s best interest to find ways to prevent frozen and burst pipes. Luckily, there are easy ways to do it. 

  • Let water trickle in the winter: The annoying drip-drip-drop of a leaky sink can be a home’s saving grace in the winter. Letting a tiny trickle of water leak from faucets keeps water flowing through the home’s pipes and prevents any freezing that can lead to a burst.
  • Insulate exposed pipes: A lot of homes have exposed pipes that aren’t insulated. Exposed pipes are more likely to freeze and burst. Homeowners can insulate exposed pipes with foam plumbing insulation to prevent any freezing problems.
  • Disconnect all external hoses and water fixtures: Garden hoses, fountains, and other hose lines outside need drained and disconnected from the water line when winter comes. Any place that stagnant water or cold temperatures can invade the water-line and the plumbing puts homes at risk for freezing pipes. Disconnecting any water fixtures outside will help prevent freezing. 

Freezing pipes and bursts don’t have to be a problem for homeowners who prepare and handle them the right way. Taking the time to learn techniques and steps to handle these situations can make life a little easier for homeowners when wintery weather throws surprises their way. 

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